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Welcome to Cathy and Walt's Homepage!

We are both retired, we live in Cincinnati Ohio. In the many years we have been married, we have lived in many locations. We were both born in Ohio, but have lived in New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Nebraska and Indiana since the wedding. We met at a old country-style barn dance and have been square dancing ever since.

We love to travel, having visited all 50 states, Mexico and Canada so far. We both garden. Cathy is a big crafts fan and Walt is a computer nut.

BEING UPDATED Visit with us, by viewing the many travel photos we have placed on the web. This link is to Hawaii, Utah, Alaska, Blanchard Springs, Covered Bridges, and others.

This link will take you to our new Flickr photo site

If you are a square dancer, our CincyA2 web page has information about square dancing in Cincinnati, and Dayton.

You may have missed the Cincinnati "Big Pig Gig", but many photos are still available on the www. Just click on the pig!

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